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Halloween Hair Catastrophe

Halloween is a great time to become something else, sometimes that something is out of this world, embodying a fairytale or terrifying enough to keep you awake at night. Yet, nothing can strike fear into your heart, the day after, quit like finding the temporary hair colour spray you used on your hair... for your costume.... ISN"T WASHING OUT!!!!

Hair plays a big part in any Halloween costume….unless you’re planning on going old school and throwing a sheet over your head, for a ghostly look…

Halloween can do a number on your hair, from backcombing and over product use to using spray-in hair colours.

Spray in colours can be exactly what your outfit needs to bring it to the next level and make your costume the eye catching show p

iece you wanted it to be, but beware the day after! Spray in colours are great for effect but sometimes they stick around when you don’t want them too, especially if you have lighter pouris hair, even after several washes your hair can stay tinted. Try using a clarifying shampoo to help strip the unwanted tones from your hair, following it up with a tinted shampoo and/or conditioner to restore some of your colour, if you still have an unwanted hue in your hair after all this you might want to schedule a visit with your stylist for a quick tone.


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